COPC: Customer Operations Performance Center

COPC which stands for Customer Operations Performance Center, measures processes within a contact/ call center and determines their robustness and efficiency. The COPC Performance Management System is a set of management practices and training for customer-centric service operations designated to:

Reduce the cost of providing excellent service.

Improve customer satisfaction through improved service and quality.

Increase Revenue

Data has demonstrated that centers that adopt the COPC Performance Management System can dramatically lower costs while maintaining or improving service quality as well as client and end-user satisfaction.

QMS.9000 is the ONLY consulting firm in Pakistan providing COPC consulting services to the all centers/ BPOs.  QMS.9000 is the first choice of Customer Service Providers considered as hallmark of excellence such as: The Resource Group (TRG), Ovex Technologies (Premier BPO), Touchstone Communications, Alt-Source Communications and Call Central.

Main Areas covered in this standard by QMS.9000

We provide consultancy and trainings.

  • Conduct Base Line assessment / Gap Analysis
  • Develop System to meet requirements of COPC standard
  • Develop in house implementation teams through trainings and workshops
  • Conduct System Audits


The standard is applicable on Call Centers and BPOs.

Related Trainings

  1. COPC Introduction (1 Day)
  2. Advance Training on Implementation of COPC requirements (2 Days)