CE MARKING: Product Certification

CE Marking is the symbol  as shown. The letters “CE” are the abbreviation of French phrase “Conformité Européene” which literaturely means “European Conformity”. The term initially used was “EC Mark” and it was officially replaced by “CE Marking” in the Directive 93/68/EEC in 1993. “CE Marking” is now used in all EU official documents. “CE Mark” is also in use, but it is NOT the official term.

CE Marking on a product is a manufacturer’s declaration that the product complies with the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislations, in practice by many of the so-called Product Directives.

There are a series of steps outlined below. Depending upon your product and the nature of the risks it presents:

  • Determine if any directives apply to your product. If more than one applies you will have to comply with all of them.
  • Determine the extent to which your product complies with the essential requirements for design and manufacturing in the applicable directive(s).
  • Choose the conformity assessment procedure from the options called out by the directive for your product.

There are several modules available for the Conformity Assessment Procedures listed below:

  • Module A: internal production control
  • Module Aa: intervention of a Notified Body
  • Module B: EC type-examination
  • Module C: conformity to type
  • Module D: production quality assurance
  • Module E: product quality assurance
  • Module F: product verification
  • Module G: unit verification
  • Module H: full quality assurance

Main Areas covered in this standard by QMS.9000

CE mark is basically a product certification, which is given for a specific product by fulfilling requirements of European directives. All these requirements can be met with the support and assistance of technically competent and experienced consultant. We have that ability and competence and can get certification for your product in a short span of time.
QMS.9000 strives to establish a close, trusting relationship with our clients based on proven performance and total dedication to their products.

Some areas that can be handled include:

  • System Documentation and Standards Delivery Service.
  • Technical Consulting Service
  • Technical Advice on Compliance Engineering
  • Safety and Risk Assessments
  • Compliance Testing Service
  • Pre-compliance testing arrangement
  • Full-compliance testing arrangement
  • Technical Documentation Service
  • Technical Files (Technical Documentation)
  • EC Declaration of Conformity:
  • Users Manual and Installation Instructions
  • Labeling Advice and Translation


Applicable to all sorts of products (subject to suitability as per the directives)

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