ISO 17025: Laboratory Management System

The standard provides best management and technical guidance for a Testing and/or Calibration Lab. Perhaps the biggest difference between other standards and this is, a lab is not certified through a certification body but rather accredited through an accreditation body that are held responsible for the actions of an accredited lab. Almost every country has one; Pakistan’s accreditation body is Pakistan National Accreditation Council (PNAC) who has adopted ISO 17025 as the national standard for testing and calibration labs and is slowly but gradually trying to implement this standard in Pakistan. The standard provides a lab with international recognition and its effective implementation ensures quality assurance of its activities which eventually leads to higher trust of clients and customers alike.

Main Areas covered in this standard by QMS.9000

  • Development of Mandatory Policies and Procedures based on standard’s requirements
  • Development of system for environmental controls to ensure near perfect testing areas
  • System for Maintenance and Calibration of equipment
  • Ensuring use of best available Testing methods (based on best industrial practices of related business sector)
  • Application of Internal Quality Controls to ensure higher quality of test and/or calibration results
  • Preparation to participate in Inter-lab Comparison / Proficiency Testing Activities
  • Development of Purchase Inspection system
  • Ensuring acquisition of “right” chemical/solutions/equipment/accessories for the lab
  • Control of test/calibration Samples and Certified Reference Material / Standards
  • System for Estimation of Uncertainty
  • System for Reporting Test results based on Standard requirements
  • Application of statistical techniques
  • Review and Application of PNAC’s Policies and related regulatory requirements (based on the lab’s business sector)


The standard is recommended for Laboratories belonging to the following sectors; Chemical Sector, Industrial Sector, Textile Sector, Calibration Labs, Metrological Labs, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages and Engineering Sector.

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