SF-02: Six Sigma Green Belt

Course Code: SF-02 (Six Sigma Green Belt(Duration: 05 Days))

Course Description:

Green Belts provide value within the organization’s Six Sigma initiative in a variety of ways. They serve on Black Belt project teams to help collect and analyze data, develop process maps, assist the Black Belt in certain levels of statistical analysis, and develop experimental designs for a particular project. These activities serve to both support and accelerate progress in every project—which helps to maximize the organization’s return on its investment, and adds capacity to deliver even greater numbers of breakthrough improvement projects throughout the company.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the Important Concepts in Six Sigma, its Methodologies and Application.
  • Prepare a road-map for launching Six Sigma in their organization.
  • Understand how to apply Six Sigma methodologies for improving the organization’s business processes and profitability in today’s world of global competition.
  • Understand the Key Success Factors & Challenges during launch, deployment & sustenance of Six Sigma.

Course Contents:

  • The fundamental of Quality & Six Sigma approaches.
  • Determining VOC, CCR, CTQs to identified Six Sigma Project.
  • Define Phase tools (Affinity Diagram, Kano Model, SIPOC, Process Mapping etc.)
  • Measure Phase Tools (Descriptive Statistics, Pareto Analysis, Histogram, Process Capability and Measurement System Analysis-Gage R&R).
  • Analyze Phase Tools (Cause & Effect Diagram, Hypothesis Testing, Confidence Interval, Correlation and Regression Analysis.
  • Improve & Control Phase Tools (Design of Experiment, Controls Charts, etc.