ISO 9001: Quality Management System

Quality Management System standard ISO 9001 is known for establishing basis of all ISO standards. It offers best management practices to increase the quality and efficiency of managing an organization’s core processes. ISO 9001 has a wider scope than usual standards; it can be applied to any type of industry whether it belongs to service sector or production side.

Main Areas covered in this standard by QMS.9000

  • Development of Document and Record Control Management System
  • Development of an effective system for Internal Communication
  • Setting Quality Objectives and Management Programs to achieve them within specified time frame
  • Development of Corrective and Preventive Action System
  • Development of system for Internal Auditing (based on Standard’s requirements)
  • Development of an Internal Audit team
  • Development of system for Management Review (based on Standard’s requirements)
  • Performing Review and Critical Analysis of Process Flows to highlight and correct any flaws that are not conforming to the requirements of the standard
  • Development of System for controlling non-conforming (incorrect) activities and products (services included)
  • Development of System for Effective Documentation of all processes
  • Development of Roles and Responsibilities of personnel working in an organization covering both operational and standard’s requirements


Organizations belonging to these sectors are highly recommended to implement this standard so that they are able to achieve the same level of quality as required to compete in international markets; Textile Sector, Educational Sector, Information Technology Service Sector, Financial Institutions, Chemical Sector, Industrial Sector, Government Sector, Defence Sector, Professional Training Institutes, Food Sector, Pharmaceutical Sector, Steel Sector, Oil and Gas Sector, etc.

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