ISO 22000: Food Safety Management System

ISO 22000 is a Food Safety Standard (adopted by ISO through HACCP). It comprehensively defines the requirements that can be adopted by industries/organizations belonging to Food Sector for an effective management system that not only ensures safety of their raw material and products throughout the production process but also provides guidelines on ensuring higher quality of work processes at each level (as it features requirements of ISO 9001 as well).

Main Areas covered in this standard by QMS.9000

  • Developing Food Safety Policy
  • Preparation of a Team Leader for Food Safety Management System
  • Development of Procedures based on requirements of the standard
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response based on Food Safety requirements
  • Development of Roles and Responsibilities of Personnel involved in Food Safety
  • Development of training system to handle external and internal trainings
  • Identification of Hazards
  • Hazards Analysis
  • Development of HACCP Plan
  • Development of system for handling of non-conformities (actions defying the requirements)
  • Development of a Monitoring and Measuring system
  • Development of Internal Auditing System for Food Safety Management System
  • Development of Internal Auditing Team


Industries belonging to Food Sector

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