ISO 14001: Environmental Management System

Based on information provided by ISO (International Organization of Standardization), ISO 14001 is their most popular standard considering the number of organizations that has implemented it and certified to it worldwide. Although most of the requirements may seem related to ISO 9001, but ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) mainly covers and controls the effects of an organization’s processes that may have some impact on internal and external surrounding atmosphere. The standard focuses mainly on Environment, Health and Safety issues in an organization.

Main Areas covered in this standard by QMS.9000

  • Development of System for identification of insignificant and significant environmental aspects
  • Setting Objectives to control the environmental issues
  • Development of system for Correction and Prevention of Environmental threats based on available resources
  • Development of a system to control and manage Environmental Management system documentation and record control
  • Development of system for Internal Auditing (based on Standard’s requirements)
  • Development of an Internal Audit team
  • Development of system for Management Review (based on Standard’s requirements)
  • Development of Emergency Preparedness Plan
  • Development of Environmental and Safety Layout (based on the physical structure of organization)
  • Review and Applicability of Environmental Protection Act, 1997
  • Review and Applicability of NEQS (National Environmental Quality Standards)
  • Development roles and responsibilities of personnel in relation to the standard’s requirements


The standard is applicable on various kinds of sectors whose activities and processes create internal and external environmental effects like; Textile Sector, Industrial Sector, Pharmaceutical Sector, Chemical Sector, Steel Sector, Oil and Gas Sector, etc

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